Body language in Flirting

When it comes to body language in flirting there are a few simple signs to watch out for as well as certain rules you really must adhere to if you want any chance of success.

For instance, if you are sitting down, straighten your back. If you sit all hunched up you’ll make yourself look like an old woman – and that’s just the guys. So sit up straight and girls, cross your legs. This tenses the hip muscles and has sexual undertones that guys pick up on, without making you appear overtly promiscuous.

Guys look out for the woman who plays with her hair while she’s talking to you. This is universally recognized as a sign that she is definitely interested. She’ll probably do this without realising it, especially twirling her hair and making little ringlets with her fingers. The hair flip is another sure fire sign that she fancies you. If you don’t believe me, look out for it the next time you are anywhere public and see a woman fancying a man. You’ll see her subconsciously playing with her hair while looking at him.

Feet! Nope I haven’t gone mad. If the other person’s toes are pointing directly at you, you’ve guessed it, you’re in. People who are attracted to each other subconsciously try to line up with the other person. Where the toes point, the heart follows. This applies to both sexes

Mirroring each other’s posture and movements. This is a well documented sign that two people are attracted to each other. When someone mirrors you it means they are trusting and comfortable with you. We all like people who are like us, and if someone is doing what we are doing, it means they are on the same level as us.

Touching is when it really gets serious. This is usually done by the girl and for you guys out there, it is best to let the girl do the touching first. This gives her control over her own safety. If the guy makes the first touch, it could be misinterpreted as something sinister. So courtesy dictates that the guy should wait for his cue before making physical contact. But girls shouldn’t overdo touching, or the guy will think you have a problem.

All in all, body language is something that should be studied as it’s a fascinating subject in its own right, and once you get the hang of it you’ll be better able to see through the subtle signals that the other person is giving off. Sometimes without them realising it. Remember, whatever the mind is telling you, or whatever the other person is trying to tell you about themselves – the body doesn’t lie!