Dating in the Farming community

Dating in the countryside community used to be a very different affair and dating for farmers is now becoming more difficult. Traditionally the farming family would work and socialise together but things have changed in the rural dating scene making it more difficult to find people to date.

One aspect is that farms are generally run by families, with father and son working side by side. The weekly trip to the market would be a family affair and a great opportunity to meet up with other singles. Single sons and daughters would be sent down to the farm supply merchants to grab a bag of calf milk or chicken feed, allowing the local singles time to suss out the dating opportunities.

This is just the way farming communities have handled dating since time began. That and the fact that every farmer with a single daughter can tell you exactly how many acres his neighbours with single sons own.

However with more and more farms having to tighten their belts the women from farming families are often turning to working away from the farm, taking on 9-5 jobs in offices and shops.

Even in farming communities they tend to be getting married later in life, usually for economic reasons and the days of Dad throwing a cottage up on a spare bit of land are pretty much long gone.

Opportunities to meet other farming singles are dwindling and leaving people either lonely or in relationship that are less than happy.

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