Is your Profile working for you?

Determining factors could be:

• Age:
Keep an open mind about age ranges. You never know who you might meet. Cutting off someone who’s 31 because you wish to meet 26-30 could be a mistake, because age isn’t really a determining factor when it comes to personality and life experiences.

• Location:
Some people refuse to date anyone outside of their home radius, but many have found that their perfect sweetie just happens to live a bit farther away than desirable. If you and this person are as compatible as most have found when dating long distance, it could very well be worthwhile.

• Possible turn offs:
You smoke, you don’t want children, If you are a man, you are shorter than some women prefer, you sound boastful, you mention sex too soon, often, at all, etc.

• How does your bio/profile read?
Is it negative at all? It’s best to keep your bio short, positive, friendly and witty. What you want is to grab his or her attention. Save your life story for later.

• Are you articulate?
Spelling errors and grammar represent you, so use spellcheck.

• Do you display any humor in your profile?
Humor is a big draw to almost everyone, and it draws women like a magnet.

• A good photograph will get you far.
Does your photo reflect that? Ask your friends (of the opposite sex) to give you their honest opinion. It’s always better to show more than one photo of yourself, as it gives people a better idea of what you actually look like. Suggestions: A close up of your face, a full body shot, a candid shot, and an active shot. Quality is important as well. And remember, not posting a photo at all could get you overlooked entirely, so be brave and post a few pictures!

• Can you go head to head with some of your competition?
Remember, the only thing that people can truly tell from your (online) representation of yourself is if you are articulate and if you have a sense of humor. These things cannot be faked. So play up these important qualities, and you’ll be ahead of the game.

• Do you have any special skills or achievements?
If you do volunteer work, love to paint, cook, play an instrument, or participate in anything that someone else can connect with, it’s important to list those qualities.