Online Dating – Quality or Quantity

Do you want quantity or quality? It’s a great advertisement to be able to claim 7 million members worldwide but what does that really mean?

Can you afford to jet off to America or Australia next month to meet someone you have been casually chatting to online?

If the answer is yes, can I volunteer to carry your bags! Most of us can’t afford to do this, so while it’s exciting receiving emails from the other side of the world, I doubt this brings you any closer to actually meeting a real live person.

If you just like to chat to people online then go for a big free site, you will soon be learning about life in different cultures and making friends all over the world. There are millions of people that join community sites for this very reason, they just like chatting to new people.

But what if you are genuinely looking to meet people for possible offline friendships or relationships? Here I strongly suggest you look for smaller sites, servicing only the UK and ones that charge for membership like Why pay? Because most of the casual seekers will not pay to join a site, they can get what they are looking for on the free sites. It need not cost a fortune, I would not pay more than £25 to £30 a month and that is less than a single night out at the pub would cost.