What is a soul mate

There are many opinions about what soul mates are, and if they really exist. The romanticized version is that every person has a soul mate, their other half in polarity with whom they’ll reunite and share eternity, experiencing a one of a kind love that completes and uplifts them. This is something everyone hopes for and searches to find yet can only be validated between the hearts of two people.

The dictionary defines a soul mate as “one of two persons compatible with each other in disposition, point of view, or sensitivity.” Regardless of your personal beliefs about soul mates, it is possible to attract another soul to you with whom you can experience unconditional love and acceptance. Everyone can have a love that lasts forever, whether your understanding of forever is over the course of one or many lifetimes.

Soul mate love far surpasses chemical attraction; it overcomes all role playing, ego, pride, and superficiality. You must first discover this kind of love for yourself, and become your own soul mate, before you can ever hope to experience true love with another.

Finding a person committed to loving and accepting you for who you really are, without condition, requires you first learning to love and accept your self. You must first give to your self that which you wish to receive from another. You must learn to stop looking outside of your self for love and acceptance. Only when you can give to your self the love and acceptance you desire to receive from another, will you attract a soul mate into your life through The Law of Attraction.

Physics defines The Law of Attraction as the mutual (shared in common) action by which bodies or particles tend to draw together or cohere (hold together in a mass that resists separation).

You must be like that which you wish to attract and stay together with. Instead of asking when will I find my soul mate, you should be asking how do I love myself the way I wish to be loved? For in truth, your soul’s mate first and foremost is your self.